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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?


Winter tyres are vital and sometimes a must-have requirement in countries with severe cold climate. These tyres are engineered to cope with the difficult ice, snow and slush. As a car owner, you must get the best winter tyres from a reputed brand to ensure your car does not get stuck in the snow. To know more about winter tyres call our garage today.

We are a dedicated team of certified professionals offering the best service for winter tyres. No matter what the make and model of your car is, we are there to take care of it. Call our customer care representatives to book your appointment.

Winterize Your Car With Quality Winter Tyres

Tyre experts suggest winter tyres for conditions such as ice and snow. This is because they are better than regular tyres to handle temperatures below – 7 degrees Celsius.

Winter tyres have a different rubber compound and tread pattern giving them an extra grip. Winter tyres make for a good investment option when you are living in an area with snow and heavy rains. Manufacturers use silica in the manufacture of winter tyres which helps them remain flexible at a low temperature. But to continue giving its best performance winter tyres need routine repair and maintenance. If you are looking for quality winter tyre repair, contact us.

Winter tyres contain a unique tread pattern. Its tread can self-clean. In other words, the movement of the tread blocks squeezes out the snow and prevents the tread from being blocked. One of its main benefits is improved handling and braking efficiency. Car and tyre dealers fit and supply winter tyres and then store them again until they are needed. Whether you are using a new set of winter tyres or a stored set it is important to have them in good condition. We can help you here. Bring your winter tyres to us and we will fix them up for you.

Best Winter Tyre-Care

If you’ve been using your winter tyres for long or even if they are brand new, bring them to us. For winter tyres to perform well they require periodic repair and maintenance. Our range of tyre services includes repair, replacement, fitting and all other car services. Stress no more and let our experts at Tyre Fit Auto Ltd handle all the needs of your winter tyres.

Find the perfect set of winter tyres Leamington Spa from us online. Our tyre consultants will help you find the best winter tyres for your every requirement. Our tyres are reasonably priced and will not burn your pocket.

Book your appointment with us today. Our bookings are open via the email, on the phone and online. You can walk-in at our garage during business hours for trusted repair and consultation.