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Are you looking for MOT Test Leamington Spa for your vehicle?


The Ministry of Transport conducts an annual check-up of all the vehicles in the UK to check its roadworthiness. Known as the MOT Test, this is a compulsory test for everyone in the UK and is dreaded by many as well. A car that does not pass in the MOT test is not allowed to be driven on roads, and driving such a car is considered illegal and is a punishable offence.

The most important thing you need to consider is where should you take your car for the test. You don’t need to worry as we are right here to help you. Visit us at Tyre Fit Auto, and we promise to provide a genuine and accurate class 4 MOT test Leamington Spa. Where other centres look to earn money, we look for trust. You can get your car checked by some of the best in the industry at a budget price of £40.

When to take your car for an MOT Test

A new car needs to be taken for the test after 3 years and every year henceforth. The test is an inspection of all of your car parts to ensure that your car is safe to drive both, for you and others on the road as well. Some of the parts that are inspected are headlights, indicators, brakes, windshield, wipers, etc.

Preparing for the MOT test

One should always conduct a check themselves before taking their car for the MOT check Leamington Spa. The 10 mins that’ll go in conducting such an inspection can be very helpful to avoid receiving a failure certificate in the MOT test. Last-minute checks will help you ensure that you haven’t missed out on any part such as screenwash, brakes, different fluid levels, fuel level, etc.

A method of classification was required to categorise the variety of vehicles being manufactured. This would help in conducting tests more efficiently according to the category of the vehicle. We, here at Tyre Fit Auto, provide MOT Leamington Spa for class 4 vehicles.

The vehicles that fall under class 4 category are:

  • 3-wheeled car with weight more than 450 kg unladen
  • taxis and cab
  • 12 passenger seats minibuses and ambulances
  • Goods Vehicles not exceeding 3,000 kg unladen
  • Caravans
  • Ambulance.

Trying to get away without getting an MOT test won’t get you too far. You can be prosecuted and fined for driving an illegal vehicle on the road. Avoid this issue by visiting us, at Tyre Fit Auto, and free yourself from the worry of getting fined. Bring your class 4 vehicle to us and we will not only provide you with a detailed test result but also provide solutions to any issues that we might spot during the test.