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Are you looking for Engine Repair Leamington Spa for your vehicle?


Tyre Fit Auto wishes to inform its customers with regard to the most important component of a vehicle. It is the engine. While most of us are aware that there is something called the engine that exists in the vehicle, have any of us ever thought what it does? What is the function of the engine? Customers need to be aware of this. It is because only then will they take the engine of their vehicles seriously. To catch your attention, the first thing that we wish to inform you about is that if your engine seizes, it will cost you big bucks. Yes, a seized engine can cost you almost a fortune.

Now that we have your attention, we will elaborate on how the engine functions. It is the engine that converts the energy from the fuel on which the vehicle functions. The fuel is transported inside the combustion chambers of the engine, where, with the help of air and the spark plug, the fuel is burst. Yes, thousands of explosions happen inside the engine while you drive your vehicle. As a result of the explosions, the pistons inside the chambers move, and hence, energy is converted. It is this energy that moves the wheels of a vehicle.

There are various components inside an engine. Input valves that bring in air and fuel. The exhaust valves which get rid of the exhaust gases. The piston which helps in energy conversion. A spark plug which initiates the combustion process. There are many components that make the engine run. It is to be noted that even the slightest blunder in maintaining the engine can cause an engine to seize. For example, the most basic thing to keep changing the oil regularly. We understand that in the busy and hectic urban life of today, customers do not get the time to look after their vehicles.

It is here that we come in. You can put your faith in us when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. Our team will save you the pain of incurring a huge cost at once. For this, we suggest that you keep investing in the maintenance of your vehicle. Tyre Fit Auto might be the garage that you can put your trust in. It is because we believing in being at your service by keeping the functioning of your vehicle up to the mark. Visit us today forĀ Engine Repair Leamington Spa.