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Are you looking for Carbon Cleaning Leamington Spa for your vehicle?


If you haven’t maintained your car and not taken it for service on time, you might find that your car is releasing excessive smoke. This can be due to the degradation of the engine, which is the result of not being maintained properly. Our experts, at Tyre Fit Auto, are well-versed with the tips and tricks needed to deal with this trouble and can effectively clean your engine for the better.

Importance for MOT

It is very important to maintain your engine in the best possible condition not only to ensure that you get the best performance out of your car but also to pass the annual MOT test. The MOT test is an annual inspection of your car to check its roadworthiness. One needs to maintain their car and ensure that it meets with the legal requirements to pass the MOT test. Failure is not the best thing here as your car will not be permitted to be driven on the road and will be deemed illegal.

Engine, exhaust, and the amount of emission is an important aspect of the test and should not be forgotten when talking about maintenance. Visit us, at Tyre Fit Auto, and we can keep your car safe from the police and also save you a lot of money which, otherwise, you’d have used at the petrol station, all thanks to reduced fuel efficiency.

Effects of Degradation

The drawbacks of not maintaining your car are not just limited to reduced fuel-efficiency and excessive emission from exhausts. You might also observe that there is a reduction in the general performance of the car. Your car would not feel so smooth while starting and accelerating. An increase in the noise produced and a quicker process of the engine oil turning black, and maybe even burnt, might also be some issues that you face.

Let our technicians take care of your car and we’ll make sure that these issues are dealt with and your car regains the performance levels it used to have.

Methods of Reviving the Engine

There are two carbon cleaning methods which are done as per the requirement of the vehicle. If you haven’t maintained your car and driven it for 2-3 years or for 20,000 kilometres, whichever comes first, then you should go for carbon cleaning for repair.

If you maintain your car regularly and want to get your engine cleaned to enhance your performance levels, you should go for carbon cleaning for maintenance.

We, at Tyre Fit Auto, ensure that we provide our customers with quality services and the best pieces of advice. Visit us to avail our carbon cleaning Leamington Spa and we assure that you’ll feel the enhanced performance of your car once our experts are done working on it.