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The team at Tyre Fit Auto is an all-rounder. We have specialists to look after each component that exists in the vehicle. You name it, we have it! We understand how a vehicle functions and we are experts at maintaining them. Our art is providing you with services that help you make the most out of your investment. We are a service-driven garage, not a profit-driven one. To do this, it is imperative that you take our time to look after each component. Look for signs that indicate wear and tear. Accordingly, drive to our garage for all car repair Leamington Spa.


The exhaust system of your vehicle is arguably the most important one when it comes to safety. The job of the exhaust system is to process and release the harmful exhaust gases which are there in the combustion chamber of the engine. There are various components that make this possible. The exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gas from all the cylinders in one pipe.

Next, the catalytic converter processes the gases into less harmful ones. Finally, the gases are let out through the tailpipe. The silencer is used to reduce noise. Any leak or issue with anyone of the components can lead to major problems. At Tyre Fit Auto, we are all-equipped to fix your exhaust system if any issues arise.


Just like the exhaust system, the brake system is also of paramount importance when it comes to safety. The vehicle is full set to be driven on the desired speed, but what if you are unable to stop it? It is a scary thought. Therefore, make it a point that you pay attention to the brake system of your vehicle. The brake system is an energy conversion device in itself. Have you ever thought how the force on the brake pedal is able to stop the entire vehicle? We need to note that one discrepancy can cause a major hazard. That is why, be it the hydraulic system or the brake pads, one needs to keep a check on them. If weird noises are coming from the brakes, then you must visit our garage as soon as possible.


When it comes to safety as well as comfort, we must look at the suspension system. It is responsible for keeping your vehicle together when it hits a bump or a kerb. Starting from the steering, to shock absorbers, to the wheels- everything is a part of the suspension system. Without it, your vehicle would break apart the moment it hit the slightest bump. Therefore, one must track the wear and tear of suspension components. Our team at Tyre Fit Auto specialists at the suspension system of the vehicle. Visit our garage today for All Vehicle and car repair Leamington Spa service, if you wish to get your suspension or any other vehicle component repaired or replaced.