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Are you looking for Puncture Repair Leamington Spa for your vehicle?


The rubber that tyres are made up of are prone to be damaged from sharp objects like nails, glass pieces, sharp stones, etc. that are often found on the road. This damage is referred to as a puncture and should be attended to properly or can be even more damaging to the tyre. We, at Tyre Fit Auto, know exactly how to deal with this tricky issue and can help you save your tyre from being damaged furthermore.

The equipment that we use is the latest available in the market. We ensure that the product quality, that we use for repairs, is the best as we focus more on delivering quality than just solving the issue. Our technicians are proficient at puncture repair Leamington spa and with time have even gained speed in doing so.

What is Puncture?

Tyres are the only point of contact between the tyre and the road and are responsible to provide mobility to the vehicle. At times, they are driven over objects like glass pieces and nails, which penetrate the tyre, causing a leak. This leak in the tyre is known as a puncture.

Repairing Process

To repair a puncture special pieces of rubber along with some adhesive are inserted into the tyre where it has been penetrated. One needs to have the knowledge about the quality of rubber and amount of adhesive to use, and this is where our experts are just the people you need. They are well trained to know exactly how to deal with such an issue without damaging the surrounding areas.

Importance of Proper Repair

It is not only important to repair a puncture properly for your safety, but also the welfare of others on the road. You can meet with an accident due to an improperly repaired puncture and injure others as well.

Maintaining your tyre is also important as it is an important part of the annual MOT test, which is an inspection to check the roadworthiness of your car. Failing in an MOT would make it illegal to drive your car on the road until you get the issue repaired.

Why us?

We, at Tyre Fit Auto, have been in this business for over 25 years and know exactly how important is it to deal with a Puncture Repair Leamington Spa. We’ve come across people who almost lost their lives due to a puncture not repaired properly. When driving at a high speed, a puncture that hasn’t been repaired properly is prone to lose the rubber piece that was used to repair it. This might cause a sudden tyre burst, which can be a very dangerous situation.

We value our customer's safety and make sure that no compromises are made in serving them with nothing less than the best.