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Are you looking for DPF Cleaning for your vehicle?


If you own a diesel car then there are chances that your car is equipped with a diesel particulate filter. Diesel Particulate Filter, or commonly known as DPF, is an important part of your car that helps in removing the soot from the gases released by the exhaust. Our technicians, at Tyre Fit Auto, are some of the best professionals in the town for the job. They are known for efficiently cleaning out the soot, which is the residue of internal combustion processes in the engine, which is otherwise not an easy task to take care of.

Introduced as a filter to meet with the changes made to emissions regulations, the DPF is as common in diesel cars as catalytic converters are in a petrol car. To avoid expensive repairs and bills, visit us at Tyre Fit Auto, and let our technicians take care of this issue for you.

Why not to remove DPF

You might meet people who suggest you to remove the DPF whereas this isn’t the wisest thing to do. A missing, modified or defective DPF would be termed to a major failure in an MOT test. One is barred from repairing an emissions control equipment as failure to doing so effectively can have very dangerous results. If a repair is spotted during MOT, one has to present a reason along with the evidence to validate it.

Cleaning Process

The soot collected in the filter is burned by electronics when you drive the car. This process is known as the regeneration process. However, this doesn’t work effectively in all cases. Let our technicians take care of your car and clean your DPF.

There are two methods to deal with this issue. For one, we heat the DPF to 6000 C. This results in burning down the soot that has accumulated in the filter. Another method to deal with the issue is to insert a DPF cleaning fluid and drain the soot out of the filter. Replacing a filter can be a very costly and time-consuming process.

DPF is an important part of your car that reduces the emissions of your car’s engine to safer levels and maintaining it is very necessary. You need to do so to keep the environment clean and safe for both, yourself and others. Let us take care of your car and contribute to keeping the environment clean as well. Our experts, at Tyre Fit Auto, have been extensively trained to deal with DPFs and they are known to have done that efficiently. We work to gain your trust and make sure that you can trust us again after you see the quality of our work.