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Today, a car tyreis an intricate mix of rubber compounds, steel belts, and advanced fabric. And this mix varies from one tyre type to another, each delivering specific advantages. That’s why it requires considerable thought when you need to buy a new set of tyres.

In case you are looking for car tyres Leamington Spa, then you are in for luck. At Tyre Fit Auto, not only do we keep an extensive collection of tyres, but also provide expert guidance to help you purchase the right type and model. You can also reach out to us if you are planning to book the tyres online with us.

Considerations when purchasing car tyres

Tyres have a significant bearing on the overall safety factor and a vehicle’s performance. Therefore, you should consider a couple of things before you buy car tyres Leamington Spa. These are:

  • Compatibility

The first thing you must look for when it’s time to buy a new tyre is the modelthatis compatible with your vehicle. You can find this information in the owner’s manual. That’s your starting point.

  • Driving requirement

It is paramount that you assess your priorities and driving needs. For instance, if you are looking for fuel-economy, you need tyres that generate low rolling resistance. Similarly, your vehicular needs maybe limited to driving around the town, you might extensively hit the open roads, or you may prefer driving off-road a lot. In each case, the tyre that suits your needs will be different.

Also, as mentioned earlier, different tyres deliver varying handling performance. Apart from that, there are other technicalities as well. You can contact us if you have any query when buying car tyres Leamington Spa.

Different tyre types

We provide the following tyre types:

Summer tyres

Two characteristic features of summer tyres are – they have comparatively harder compounds with less natural rubber, and their tread designs have fewer grooves. Due to those, summer tyres provide better steering precision, grip, and braking performance on dry and wet roads in a warm climate.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres possess more natural rubber in their tread compound and a greater number of grooves in the tread pattern. These features provide for effective handling performance and grip, especially on snowy tracks. Furthermore, winter tyres deliver better performance when the temperature falls below 7˚C.

All-season tyres

All-season variants combine the characteristics of both summer and winter tyres. That’s why you can use them year-round. However, this type of tyres does not provide as sharp a performance in either climatic condition as its season-specific counterparts.

Apart from these tyre types, our inventory also comprises 4x4 and run-flat variants. What’s more, our collection spans across a well-spread price range, with premium-range tyres from brands like Continental and Goodyear as well as mid-range and budget tyres.

With our extensive range of tyres in Leamington Spa, you can finally put an end to your car tyres near me searches. Book your tyres online today with us!