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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?


When it comes to selecting the best tyres for your vehicle, you cannot take chances. The decision is based on several factors such as your driving style, usage, and most importantly the climate of your place. The weather must not be overlooked when it comes to buying tyres. This is because the outside weather can affect the performance and overall health of your tyres. Talking of which, summer tyres are a preferred choice at temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, they can perform at their best. Hence, weather considerations are an important aspect when it comes to choosing tyres for your vehicle.

If you want to know more about choosing the summer tyres, contact Tyre Fit Auto Ltd. We are a full-service garage located in Leamington Spa. We specialise in offering comprehensive car services in your budget. Call our customer care representatives today.

Summer Tyres To Tackle The Warm Conditions

Summer tyres are ideal for warm climatic conditions. They are best suited for high-performance vehicles. They are made from a softer rubber compound. They have large tread blocks and thus can maintain maximum contact with the road. This also results in a better grip on the road during the wet and dry road conditions. Summer tyres need routine repair and maintenance to perform at their best and have an extended lifespan. They provide better performance in wet conditions due to their unique tread patterns which resist hydroplaning and help evacuate water. To understand better about the functioning of a summer tyre, call our mechanics.

Summer is also the season when you may be willing to plan that long trip with your family. This gives you all the more reasons to switch to summer tyres. The real benefits of summer tyres will be visible as soon as they are exposed to the warm climate. While in milder climates, they offer the best possible stopping distances when braking. Their tread patterns offer good contact with the road surface to improve handling, giving more stability to corners. Now you can get your perfect set of summer tyres online from us.

Unique Summer Tyre Services Near You

It is understood that summer tyres have less of the natural rubber compound, therefore, they are not soft. The firmness of the tyres helps provide a better grip of the road. Bring your summer tyres to our garage for a check-up. We will provide the most reliable service for your summer tyres.

You can order your set of perfect summer tyres Leamington Spa from us online. We stock a range of premium and budget tyres from popular brands like Goodyear, Continental, Roadstone, Nexen and more. Get in touch with our tyre consultants to make informed purchase decisions.

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