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Are you looking for Alloy Wheel Repair for your vehicle?


Our technicians, at Tyre Fit Auto, are some of the best in the industry for alloy wheels repair and bringing them back to almost their original condition. Alloy wheels are considered to be only for visual appeal, whereas, this isn’t really the case. The advantages that these wheels have are definitely more than just image-enhancers.

Advantages of Alloy Wheels

Made up of aluminium, magnesium or alloys of these metals, alloy wheels have advantages on the performance front as well. Being lighter than the traditional steel wheels helps them accelerate, brake and therefore perform better. Better heat dissipation in the wheels helps in braking as well. These aspects are also helpful in terms of improving the suspension system of your car.

You might think that the refurbishment process of alloy wheels is more expensive than simply beating steel wheels back to place. It is true, but the advantages of alloy wheels compensate for the price of repairing them. These wheels are immune to the biggest demon that the steel wheels have to fight. Rusting. Alloy wheels do corrode but it’s different from rusting. The process to deal with corroded alloy wheels is known as alloy wheel refurbishment.

Refurbishment Process

You can spot corrosion on your alloy wheels by looking for any white marks on them. Corrosion on alloy wheels is different than rusting and doesn’t have a reddish-brown substance as a result. Our experts are just the people you need to deal with this issue. The work efficiency of our technicians is one of the best in the town and we thank them for helping us gain the trust of our customers. They have been trained to be proficient in their work, and they’ve been improving themselves even more. They know just how to deal with the damage that your wheels have faced and how to bring them back to their original condition.

We pay close attention to ensuring that we deal with the issue completely and you don’t see signs of it returning in the foreseeable future.

We, at Tyre Fit Auto, ensure that we provide our technicians with the latest products and pieces of equipment that would help them work more efficiently. We ensure that they do not waste their time due to outdated equipment. Rather, we want them to work on your car and make sure that we leave a mark on you with our quality of work. While we take care of your car, you can check out the Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Leamington Spa we have to offer. We make sure that we offer the best Alloy Wheel Repair Leamington Spa at the most genuine prices in the town.