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We, at Tyre Fit Auto, believe in working for the trust and satisfaction of our customers, and not just be focused on draining money out of their wallet. We train our technicians, extensively, to ensure that the quality of the work done is not degraded and maintain the reputation of our garage. The training also helps the technicians for their future as the set of skills that they are trained for helps them later on as well. We know what your car means to you and we take special care of something so precious. We work to gain your confidence and trust and the quality of our services speak for our motive. Visit us regularly and you shall be free from the idea of discomfort during your drives.

When to Service

Our suggestion for customers would be to bring their car every 12 months for a full service, or an interim service every 6 months. Do this not only to keep your car in a good condition but also for your safety. Most of the cars manufactured, nowadays, are equipped with a diagnostic system that is connected to multiple sensors, all around the car. If anything goes wrong, these sensors make lights on your dashboard light up and inform you about the same. If you ever spot such a light switched on, you should take your car for a check at the earliest.

Need for Servicing

Timely and regular maintenance can increase your car’s life and performance levels by a huge margin. Not only that, but this check is also important to ensure that all the safety aspects of your car are working properly. If you bring your car to us for services on time, we ensure that the fuel-efficiency of your car will not fall, and you can be sure that you’ll be driving your car for a longer time. The more you try to save money on car services, the more trips to the gas station you’ll have to take.

Our Service Packages

We, at Tyre Fit Auto, have designed three different service packages to help us cater to the needs of our customers accordingly. The three packages are Interim Service, Full Service and Major Service.

For interim service, we ensure that the oil and oil filter is checked. We make sure to adjust the oil levels and also to clean the oil filter if needed. Along with this, we offer a free health check-up of your car and the chance to get your pre-MOT check done at just £19.

When you bring your car for a full service, we offer all the services of the interim service along with which we pay close attention to your car’s air filter. A detailed check and thorough cleaning of the air filter can do more wonders than you can imagine.

Our major service is the biggest package we have to offer in which we do a detailed check of your car and inspect all the parts mentioned in the other two packages. In this package, we also offer a check of your pollen filter and ensure that it is brought back to the best condition possible. If you avail our major service, you can also get your pre-MOT check done just for £10.

The price of our services might be low but the quality isn’t. The techniques of our technicians are second to none in the industry, while they, themselves, are ever-learning and improving. Bring your car to us at Tyre Fit Auto, and you can rest assured to have it back in its prime condition. Your well-being is our responsibility as well.

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