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Are you looking for Clutch Repair Service in Leamington Spa for your vehicle?


Tyre Fit Auto is a place you would want to visit. It is because at our garage, instead of working for money, we wish to work with you. Our team makes it a point that you are the decision-maker at all times. We make you aware of what the problem is, from where it possibly came from, and what can be done about it. However, if you wish to be the decision-maker when it comes to your vehicle, you must be aware of how the components and systems function. As an initiative of making you aware of the same, this page will talk about our Clutch Repair Leamington Spa service.

The clutch is a major part of the transmission system of the vehicle. It is the clutch that establishes the connection between the engine and the gearbox. Also, it can separate them too. This happens when you press the clutch pedal. The clutch consists of two main parts- the clutch disc and the pressure plate. The clutch plate is pressed against the flywheel of the engine by the pressure plate. Once you press the clutch pedal, the connection is interrupted and you can change to your desired gear. Transmission is an important system for the proper function of your car. How will you know if there is a problem with it?

Noticing indicators that suggest something might be wrong with the clutch is a must. Otherwise, the problem will silently increase and eventually act as a hole in your pocket. Remember, if you wish to avoid one big investment then you must invest your time in the vehicle at regular intervals. Signs like the car starting out slowly even when the engine is racing, the clutch plate making an unusual noise, or if the clutch plate is stiff indicates that you must visit our garage at Tyre Fit Auto immediately.

Once you drive-in to our garage, our team will run thorough checks on the transmission system of your vehicle. You need not worry, we will detect the problem in no time and offer possible solutions. The cost of repair and Clutch Replacement Leamington Spa are quite competitive at Tyre Fit Auto and hence you do not need to take stress regarding the cost. What matters more is if your vehicle is functioning in a healthy manner or not. Our benchmark is to take care of every vehicle and help our customers to make the most out of them. It is our teamwork and honesty that has helped us make a community of faithful customers. You are welcome to be a part of it.