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Are you looking for Pre-MOT Checks for your vehicle?


An MOT test is an annual inspection that one has to take their car for in the UK. The test is conducted to check the roadworthiness of your car. The check involves inspection of all the parts of your vehicle to ensure that it is safe for both, you and others on the road. If something goes wrong when you’re driving, it could result in an accident and harm others as well. The test is conducted to avoid such situations.

There are several reasons due to which your car could fail the MOT test. Remember to conduct a pre-MOT check to avoid failing in the test and save your both, time and money. We have listed below the things that you should remember to check before going for your annual MOT Leamington Spa. The checks are divided into two sections, interior and exterior checks.

Interior Checks

When starting with the inspection, why not start with the inside of your car. You might think that it’s mostly mechanical and exterior checks that matter, but there is still more that you can do.

Seats and Seatbelts

Start the check by first checking your car’s front seats. You should be able to adjust the seats easily both, forwards and backwards. Also, check the seatbelts and if they’re working properly or not. Make sure they’re of the required length and act as they’re supposed to in case of sudden braking.


This is your only method of communicating to others on the road ahead or behind you. Check and ensure that it is loud, clear and one singular tone. Go ahead, give it a honk.


This is a very important safety aspect of your car, and ensuring its smooth working is, primarily, good for you. So better inspect this before the test.

Interior Warning Lights

These lights are present on your dashboard and act as indicators in case some part goes wrong in your car. When you start your car up, the lights should light up. Whereas when driving, ensure that none of them light up.

Exterior Checks

After getting done with the interior, it’s time you get to inspecting the exterior as well. Make sure to inspect with an open eye and not miss issues that you could’ve easily attended to.

Headlights, Taillights and Indicators

These different lights are not only helpful for you but also for others on the road. Headlights light up the road in front of you while the indicators and tail lights are also helpful for the person driving behind you. It helps them know which direction do you intend to go and avoid any mishaps.

Windscreen and Windscreen Wipers

Make sure that you don’t have a cracked windscreen or broken wipers to avoid a failure certificate. A car with a chip or crack larger than 40mm is not allowed to be driven. Whereas, a chip or crack larger than 10mm in the area swept by the driver-side wiper is also considered illegal. Also, check your windscreen wipers to ensure that they are able to clean the windscreen properly and do not have damaged wiper rubber.

Some other things you should keep a lookout for are screenwash, fuel and engine oil, boot, bonnet, doors, etc.

We, at Tyre Fit Auto, train out technicians to gain expertise in what they do and make sure that they are able to attain efficiency. Bring your vehicle to us for your annual MOT test and we will make sure that there is nothing that is left out and that might be a matter of concern for you later. We also provide services for any issue that we might spot during the test at a genuine cost.