MOT Repairs


Tyre Fit Auto is an approved MOT centre by the DVSA and has been authorised to conduct MOT tests for our customers. We ensure that our team of skilful technicians will not leave any part unchecked and also make sure that they do so in complete accordance with the latest guidelines. We also provide services and repairs that can help you clear an MOT test if you haven’t yet.

MOT Test

As directed by the Ministry of Transport, a test of all the vehicles, of the UK, is conducted to check their roadworthiness. A car that hasn’t been maintained properly or taken for services on time is sure to fail the test. Driving a car without an MOT certificate is illegal and a punishable offence. You may be fined up to £ 1000 and prosecuted for the same as well.

You should maintain your car and take it for the MOT test as it is not only good for you but others as well. Driving a car that hasn’t been checked might have some internal faults that you’re unaware of and possibly result in you meeting with an accident. In this situation, it is possible that not only do you injure yourself, but someone else might also be injured due to your ignorance.

What to do

If you have failed the MOT test, you should have a certificate provided by the test centre mentioning the reasons due to which your car didn’t clear the MOT. This is an important piece of document as it helps us to know what exactly is the issue that leads to failure in the test. Bring this VT30 ‘Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate’ to us and we promise to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We can repair and retest your car as well if you want us to do so. We shall ensure that not only do we deal with the cause of the failure, but also recheck all the parts of your car so that no other issue pops up later on.

We, at Tyre Fit Auto, care for our customers and don’t want them to ever be in a situation where they see nothing but regret to have come to us. Customer satisfaction and safety are our topmost priority and we provide all our services keeping this important fact in mind. Trust your car with us and we shall ensure that your car keeps you safe at all times.

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