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Air Conditioning

Tyre Fit Auto is a garage that cares about your comfort. We aim to make your drive as comfortable as it can get. There is no point in investing in private transportation if you cannot sit back and relax. What is the major factor that one needs to look at when we talk about comfort? Many of us might not notice it but its heat and temperature. This is controlled by the air conditioning of the vehicle. In scientific terms, the air conditioner is a device that regulates the heat of a vehicle. Think about it, can you be comfortable in a vehicle on a hot summer afternoon without the air conditioning? We think not!

There are four functions of a vehicle’s air conditioning system. They are cooling the air, circulating the air, purifying the air, and dehumidifying the air. If it fails to at any of the mentioned functioning, you must get your air conditioner check at our garage. Our team of experts will thoroughly examine each component of your vehicle’s air conditioning and will plug the fault in no time. Be it repair or replacement, our team is well skilled to do it properly. They have earned their expertise through hard work and experience. Drive-in to our garage and witness the same yourself.

The air conditioner has several components. We feel the customers must be aware of how is their role and how they function. This way they will be able to be partners in rational decision making when it comes to their vehicles. The most essential component of the air conditioner is the compressor. It pressurizes the refrigerant to cool the air, senses temperature changes inside and outside your vehicle, monitors and controls temperature output, and also moves air to the condenser. Next, the condenser (which is located in front of the radiator) works to reduce the temperature from the refrigerant.

There are other components like receiver or accumulator, thermal expansion valve, and evaporator that is also involved in the process. It is to be noted that the compressor will stop working if any liquid enter it. The receiver prevents this from happening. The thermal expansion valve monitors the amount of pressure and temperature, and accordingly, calculates how much refrigerant needs to be sent to the evaporator. The evaporator is responsible for cooling the air with the refrigerant before it is blown into the vehicle. All the components of the air conditioning system must function together for all the objectives to be achieved. At Tyre Fit Auto, this is what we help you with. Visit us today!

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