Are you looking for Smart Repair for your vehicle?

A car’s boy plays a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of the vehicle. Any damages, scratches, or dents can spoil the looks of the vehicle. To avoid such situations, you must get a SMART repair done for your car as it takes care of repairing the cosmetic damages of your vehicles at low prices than traditional body repair. Tyre Fit Auto has all the required tools and machines to provide your car with excellent SMART repair.

What is Smart Repair?

Smart repair refers to small, medium area repair technology. This service takes care of repairing smaller damages of your vehicle like alloy wheels damages, bumper damages, paint chips, and paintwork. In case you notice any significant damages on your car’s wheels, bumper or paint issues, feel free to reach Tyre Fit Auto.

We utilise advanced tools and equipment to carry out effective services like PDR (Paintless Dent Repair), scratch removal, and spot repair. This enhances the visual appeal of your car’s bodywork and also removes significant dents from the doors, bumpers and other areas.

Different Services Included in SMART Repair

Alloy Wheel Repair

Experts at Tyre Fit Auto are trained to remove any scratches, dents, or bent-rim from your car’s alloy wheels. Generally, alloy wheel repair is done via epoxy fillers and putty to cover the damages and holes on the wheel surface. Once done, high-grit sandpaper is used to smoothen the surface and ensure even paint adhesion.

Finally, as soon as the mechanical damages are repaired, you can choose from different colours and finishes to customise your car’s alloy wheels. This will give your wheels an enhanced look and finish.

Paint Less Dent Repair

Paintless dent removal service takes care of repairing any minor dents on car’s body without damaging the paint’s integrity of the vehicle. This technique preserves the original paint coat of your vehicle if there are no stone chips or rusting conditions.

Generally, this service is performed using dent puller kits and advanced tools, so you can get an even finish for your car’s body.

Bumper Repair

Our experts use modern tools and kits to provide your car with a seamless bumper repair with no trace of scratches and damages. Also opting for SMART Repair Leamington Spa, saves you a lot of money as compared to traditional bumper repair. 

Once the dents have been straightened out, our experts use your car’s original paint code to repaint your car’s bumper after sanding it with high grit sandpaper.

Paintwork and stone chip repair

Our paintwork repair takes care of inspecting and repairing minor damages on your car’s bodywork using a high-grade primer. Once the rust and scratches have been removed, our experts polish and touch up your car’s surface with your car’s original paint and finish to provide a seamless repair. 

Further, the touch-up also involves applying a clear coat of lacquer to enhance the car’s polish and provide an amazing finish to your vehicle.

Visit Our Garage

Tyre Fit Auto has a team of skilled experts that can provide your car with excellent SMART repair in cost-effective prices. Moreover, you can book a SMART repair Leamington Spa for your car through our website as well. For more information, call us on 01926 334939, or email us at info@tyrefitauto.co.uk.

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