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Here on this website page, we would like to tell you a bit more about the Head Gasket Leamington Spa. The head gasket has the task of sealing the area between the cylinder head and the cylinder block even at high working pressure.


An important task of the head gasket is to seal the air and oil ducts, the combustion chambers and the cooling system. This prevents, for example, cooling water from entering the combustion chamber or oil from entering the cooling water or cooling water from entering the motor oil. Power transmission is also an essential task of the cylinder head gasket. It transmits the power from the cylinder head to the cylinder block and vice versa.

Structure / Designs

The cylinder head gasket has its place between the cylinder head and the cylinder block. A cylinder head gasket consists of a carrier plate or a metal grid in which a heat-resistant plastic mass is inserted. The surface of the gasket is a non-stick layer. Cylinder head gaskets Leamington Spa are available in various designs, including the metal-elastomer cylinder head gasket, the metal layer cylinder head gasket or the ferro elastic-soft-material cylinder head gasket.

Durability / replacement

A head gasket is constantly exposed to thermal and mechanical stress during driving. This leads to wear after a certain time. A cylinder head gasket that is not in perfect condition can have severe consequences for the engine. For example, cooling water can get into the engine oil or engine oil can get into the cooling water. The engine can overheat.

Furthermore, bubbles can form in the coolant or coolant can even enter the combustion chamber. A defective cylinder head gasket can also lead to a loss of engine performance. Whistling or wheezing noises are also possible. A faulty cylinder head gasket should be replaced immediately by a specialist. The first signs of a cylinder head gasket that is not intact include a layer of foam on the oil level, discoloured cooling water, noises such as whistling or wheezing, the engine no longer reaches maximum performance or the driver can see an extreme rise in cooling water temperature on the temperature display. If the head gasket is not intact, the expert speaks of a "blown through" cylinder head gasket.

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