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What is a gearbox?

The gearbox is an elementary part of your car. Without it, driving would not be possible. As part of the drivetrain, the gearbox sits directly on the engine and converts the speed of the engine into torque, which drives the wheels.

The gearbox is responsible for ensuring efficient driving. By changing gears, either automatically or manually, it is possible to keep the speed low, protect the engine and reduce fuel consumption. This also ensures that the engine is not overloaded. Essentially, a distinction is made in passenger cars between manual gearboxes, where 5 or 6 gears can be changed manually, and automatic gearboxes, which change gears automatically without the driver having to operate the gear stick.

How a gearbox works

In short, by transmitting the power through the transmission, it works from the vehicle's engine to its wheels over driveshaft and the wheel axle, this allows you to drive the vehicle. Changing gears changes the interaction of the different gears in a gearbox. This creates different gear ratios. The engine power is, therefore converted through the vehicle gearbox to suit the driving-situation.

The gearbox transmits this power to the drive-shafts, which drive the vehicle's wheels. You will immediately notice when engaging the wrong gear or accelerating too much when starting. The gearbox can perform its tasks only with the help of the gear steps and gears, which are either changed manually or automatically by the vehicle's driver.

Vehicles with manual gearboxes, work by pressing the clutch. This bypasses the engine/gearbox connection so you can change gears. When using an automatic transmission, the exact same happens but fully automated - no need to operate a clutch pedal.

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In your car's handbook or service plan, you can see when a transmission oil change is due—an essential part of the service plan of a vehicle. How often the gearbox oil change is necessary depends on the car brand. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend the gearbox oil change after about 95000 to 120000 miles. Even seemingly minor issues could cause significant damage to your gearbox, so you should not take any risks if you notice a problem with your car's gearbox.

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